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Navigating Contactless Payments

Oct 26, 2020

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, I believe our relationship with germs is forever changed. And it’s changing the way we, as a society, do life, including how we pay for goods and services. Experts are saying COVID-19 can latch onto currency the same way it can survive on other surfaces. Considering credit cards […]

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Credit Card Scam Alert

Telephone Fraud Surges

Sep 4, 2020

The Remedy Payment Solutions Chargeback Assistance Team has noticed an increase in telephone fraud over the summer months. In an abundance of caution, we urge you to educate yourself and your employees today some of the schemes used to perpetrate crimes against merchants. A Recurring Retail Store Scheme: Fraudsters choose a particular product to examine […]

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Credit Card Fraud on the Rise!

May 28, 2020

Credit card fraud is at an all-time high. Statistics say that online fraud is up more than 750% from where we were just one year ago today. With more and more companies utilizing ecommerce, thieves are looking to use ecommerce too as a way to steal from you. We recently saw an erroneous comment on […]

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The Birth of Credit Cards

Apr 20, 2020

As a merchant, you likely have a love/hate relationship with credit cards. Most merchants do. You love the fact that your client can pay you so easily. You love that your client can make a large purchase with you because they have credit and can pay off the charge over time. You love the convenience […]

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Merchant Account Tips

10 Random Tips for Merchant Accounts

Apr 8, 2020

Shopping for a credit card processor can be a daunting task if your understanding of merchant account pricing is subpar. Here are a few tips to assist you in the process. 1) Interchange pass through pricing is the best pricing structure for businesses! The pricing model known as interchange pass through (also called interchange plus […]

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