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Mobile Credit Card Processing

Nov 1, 2019

Being able to accept credit cards anywhere you happen to be has certainly pushed to the top of the list of things desired by movers from their credit card processor. Much of this was inspired by the convenience of using Square. Square has continued to dominate in the arena of credit card terminals for new […]

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Top 6 Mistakes Made Selecting a Credit Card Processor

Sep 10, 2019

Choosing a credit card processor can be a confusing experience to most merchants. Making it more difficult to make informed decisions is the mystery of what exactly your credit card processor does for you. Accepting credit card payments from your customers in today’s cashless world is just smart business. Working with a credit card processor […]

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Comparing Remedy and PayPal

Jul 17, 2019

Many people ask us how we compare to PayPal. The short answer is – we don’t! We are a Merchant Services Provider (MSP) that provides Merchant Accounts. PayPal is not a merchant services provider. They are a third-party processor known as a Payment Service Provider (PSP) or also known as a “merchant aggregator” that places […]

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All About Cash Discounts & Surcharges

Apr 10, 2019

There is no doubt that accepting credit cards comes with a cost. The total monthly cost to you as a merchant is based upon many factors that you have no control over so there is no doubt the cost of accepting credit cards can be a source of frustration for business owners. This frustration is […]

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