You may be aware that fraudulent and unauthorized chargebacks can pose significant challenges for the moving industry. These chargebacks can lead to financial losses and harm the reputation of moving companies like yours. When customers dispute transactions, claiming lack of authorization or fraudulent activity, it’s crucial for you to be prepared to address these issues directly. To protect your interests and minimize the risks associated with chargebacks, it’s essential for you to proactively implement robust measures. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the world of chargebacks within the moving industry and provide you with invaluable strategies to prevent fraud and unauthorized chargebacks. By adopting these proven tactics, you can safeguard your financial stability, maintain your hard-earned reputation, and ensure a secure environment for your transactions.

1. Name on Card: Name on Bill of Lading:

Establishing stringent measures that align the names on transaction documents with those of the cardholders is crucial for you. This step becomes particularly important when the person paying for the move is different from the individual who scheduled it. By ensuring that all participating parties are included on all transaction supporting documents, you can strengthen your defense against potential chargebacks.

Keep in mind that card brands like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX play a significant role in reviewing fraudulent transaction cases. They meticulously scrutinize the names mentioned on the transaction documents and cross-reference them with the cardholder’s information they have on file. This meticulous verification process aims to authenticate the transaction and determine its legitimacy. By maintaining consistency between the names on the documents and the cardholder’s information, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of fraudulent chargebacks and bolster your position in case of a dispute.

2. Check IDs:

To ensure the utmost authenticity of the cardholder and mitigate the risk of unauthorized transactions and chargebacks, it is paramount for you to implement rigorous identification verification procedures for your business. When collecting final payment for a moving job, it is essential to physically check the customer’s identification. This step acts as a crucial line of defense against fraudulent activity.

In cases where payment is conducted remotely, an additional layer of security can be established by requesting customers to provide a picture of their ID and credit card. This simple yet effective measure helps confirm the identity of the cardholder and ensures that the person making the payment is the legitimate owner of the credit card. 

3. Signed Written Authorization:

To ensure the utmost transparency and legitimacy of the payment, it is essential for your moving company to implement comprehensive measures when obtaining authorization from the cardholder. This includes outlining all charges associated with the moving job and obtaining written authorization for the specific transaction amount.

You should strive to obtain written authorization as a crucial step in validating the cardholder’s consent. It is imperative that the cardholder explicitly signs off on the Bill of Lading and/or Invoice, providing explicit authorization for the use of their card to make the payment. Clearly outlining all charges associated with the moving job and obtaining written authorization helps foster trust and confidence between your company and the cardholder. This documentation acts as concrete evidence of the cardholder’s consent and significantly strengthens your company’s position. 

4. Go With Your Gut:

When it comes to accepting payments for substantial amounts, trusting your instincts is vital. If a situation raises suspicions, it is crucial to exercise caution and remain vigilant. If a credit card or identification card raises doubts, it is advisable to engage in open communication with the customer. Politely inquire if they have an alternative form of payment or another card they can use. By addressing any concerns and seeking alternative payment options when necessary, you can minimize the risk of potential fraudulent transactions.

Being attentive to red flags and following your intuition can play a pivotal role in safeguarding your moving company from fraudulent activities. Unusual payment behavior, inconsistencies in personal information, or discrepancies between the payment method and the customer’s circumstances may indicate potential risks. By being proactive in addressing these concerns and seeking clarifications, you can maintain the integrity of your transactions and protect your business from potential fraud.

5. Address Check:

During the manual keying of transactions, ensuring the accuracy of the billing address associated with the customer’s card is of utmost importance. However, due to the nature of moving, determining the correct address can often pose a challenge. To mitigate this challenge and enhance the security of transactions, it is advisable to request customers to provide the billing address they have on file with their card-issuing bank.

By obtaining the customer’s verified billing address, you can significantly increase the chances of receiving a positive “Y” AVS (Address Verification Status) response. AVS is a security feature used by card brands such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX to validate the billing address provided during a transaction. A positive “Y” AVS response indicates a match between the billing address entered and the address on file with the card-issuing bank, thus serving as tangible proof of the transaction’s legitimacy.

Chargeback Concierge Service:

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