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Get Paid Faster with Payment Links

Nov 2, 2022

If you have ever used an app from Starbucks, Target. or McDonald’s, you have used a payment link to pay for your purchases. On a retail app like a fast-food purchase, the link is disguised as a “Pay Now” button. Behind the scenes, that Pay Now button facilitates payment to the merchant by offering up […]

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Getting the Best Processing Rates

Sep 28, 2022

As a credit card processor for your association or trade group, the most common question we are asked about each day is: “What are your rates”? If you ask a credit card processor this question and they offer a flat rate of any amount, RUN AWAY! Flat rate processing is the worst rate you can […]

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ACH Payments Improve Cash Flow

Jul 5, 2022

What is an ACH Payment? ACH payments are a type of electronic bank-to-bank payment. The ACH system is used to quickly move money from one bank account to another. It is similar to a wire transfer, paper checks or cash moving between accounts, except much faster and less expensive than a wire transfer. ACH is […]

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Handling Customers Declined Credit Card Transactions

May 3, 2022

When a customer’s credit card declines, it creates an awkward situation for you and the customer. Your first instinct is likely to run the card again. Your customer will likely even ask you to try it again. If the card is declined, it will decline on each subsequent attempt – so, don’t waste time doing […]

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Apr 7, 2022

Have you noticed an uptick in chargebacks? We are seeing many of our merchants who are experiencing chargebacks for the very first time after decades of business experience. As we enter the fourth month of 2022, our Remedy Payment Solutions chargeback concierge team has seen a huge surge in chargebacks. This is a phenomenon taking place throughout the world. In […]

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